Updated: Jul 19, 2019

Pessimism is one of the great cornerstones of imperialism. Pessimism is the antithesis of hope and faith, which are both the cornerstones of progress. Without the belief that progress is possible, progress is very unlikely to occur.

Pessimism about human nature may perhaps be the most detrimental form we experience. This is the notion that some humans are fundamentally inferior to others, and thereby these humans are destined to either be losers or be limited in their capacities when compared to other humans.

Once this idea is engrained into our minds through decades of exposure and conditioning, we become comfortable with things like 1) people having to compete against each other for basic survival needs and live under the socio-economic control of a small minority 2) or allowing half-a-million differently-abled and mentally ill people to live on the street without water and food, 3) or allowing over a million socio-economically coerced persons to be incarcerated 4) or nations spending the majority of their resources militarizing so to exert violent control over others. These things—these abnormalities then become normal, and thus unworthy of our care.

Before the imperialist became a glutton, he was first a pessimist. He was one void of hope in the shared flourishing of all peoples. Thus, he thought it be acceptable to act on his fear-driven desires of greed. Many imperialized people were indoctrinated with his fear, greed, and pessimism, and then began to perpetuate these vices on their fellow peoples.

Let us decolonize our minds of this plague and understand the true nature of the human—INFINITE GROWTH NOURISHED BY SHARED FLOURISHING.