• Title 1- (To minimize the power of private money and empower grassroots campaigns) Create a federal commission which provides candidates with all of their campaign resources and needs (e.g. staffers, event venues, ads, mailers, merchandise, travel).


  • Title 2- (To get out the vote) Create a variety of tax credits for working class citizens, that of which are earned by participating in different aspects of an election (voting, attending events, researching candidates, meeting with candidates).


The policies of this campaign will be composed of contributions from all constituents who desire to be involved in the legislative process. With rigorous deliberation, a group of people can produce ideas far superior than any one person could on their own. Thus, I need your input to draft the legislation that will work for the entirety of our communities. The above list is merely a foundation for us to build on and can only develop according to how great the contribution from community is.

If interested, please contribute on our COMMUNITY LEGISLATING page with a story, piece of art, or idea. We will also be holding forums on our Twitter page (linked in header) where you can participate in community legislating as well. Thank you all.