​​-Congressional Candidate for CA's 47th District

(Long Beach, Catalina Island, Westminster, and Garden Grove) 


Thank you all for taking the time to view our campaign and getting to know us. My name is Jalen McLeod and I am the first inaugural political candidate of the Us ‘♾ movement.

I admittedly have only recently come to realize that politics is where I belong, but I’ve been passionate about social change ever since I was young. I was born and raised in the public housing projects of Bushwick in Brooklyn, New York and I knew things were wrong even as a small child. But still, I had to desperately search for how I could best go about impacting change in my community. 


After the birth of my lovely daughter Mya in 2014, I gained a greater appreciation for the role of youth in bringing justice, as well as the role of society in educating the youth. This led me to become passionate about education and search for my answers in academics. 


I attained my bachelors degree in philosophy in 2018, but have been an avid informal student of philosophy for years and am currently finishing up my masters thesis to attain my MA in philosophy from Cal State Los Angeles. My research has been devoted to social-political philosophy, philosophy of economics, philosophy of education, and the concept of human nature. (To see my research click here).


My plan was to apply to PhD programs, and become a university professor in philosophy. But last year’s congressional races—with all the victories of progressive democrats who “had no business running”, combined with the disgraceful and fascist executive branch of government, really inspired me to fight for justice through politics and put my dreams of teaching justice in schools on hold.